Update on Current Projects

2009-12-30 20:14:10 by Greg-SKA

Just Giving all you guys an update on my upcoming Flash Games.

Quest for Muffins! ?%(good Progress, unknown percent)
--Programmed By: Me
--Art By:
--Music By: iHeartQuistis
A Person has stolen your Muffin! Now Fight Through an Army of Zombie Minions to get it back!

Huntin' Down Sherriff 10%
-- Art and Programmed By: Me
Play as Hank to kill the Sherrif!
Tankmen: Battle arena

-- Art and Programming By: Me
Play as a Tankman in a fighting arena game on ground and in your Tank!

Thats All.

Madness Belongs to Krinkles
Tankmen Belongs to Johnny Utah

Keep an eye out for my friend Silverneo188's

Current Projects

2009-12-16 16:11:50 by Greg-SKA

Just Giving You guys(who care) an Update on my projects in Flash.

"Quest For The Muffin Act I" with Art by PunchJ

- In This, Your Player is About to Eat The Muffin(I Like Muffins :b... Alot >:D) But Before you Can Eat it A Fat Kid Comes And Takes It From You! Now With Your BeamSaber, your on a Quest To Get it Back!

----------In Order to Get to him you must defeat his Zombeh minions!

There will be a Sequal! ("Quest For Muffins Act II")


"<UNTITLED>" Most By me, BG Artist Needed!
- This Has no Name Yet

-------------(1st Person!!?!) In This You Are a Stick Figure You Wake up and Cant Remember Anything. You Look Around and Walk Around And Find Nothing. Suddenly You Here something rustling in the bushes. WHOOSH! Out Pops A Zombie Mutant Thing! Now All You Can Do Is Run. Later On You Get Your Memory Back and Get Weapons etc.

------------------------THIS WILL BE F***ING HARD. IM GOING TO NEED TO MAKE A 3D ENGINE! Crap!

Last One.


-Another Untitled Game But Its A Madness Game, Who Doesnt Like Madness Right? Anyways Your Playing as Hank. And Just Killing Random Henchman TO Get to the Either Auditor :O or Sheriff(hes Back)

That is All!


If You Want to Help With the BG for The First Person Game And A Name for The Madness Game!

An Update on The Game

2009-12-13 20:10:24 by Greg-SKA

Just Giving you guys an Update on PunchJ And I's Game.


-Getting Hit-0%

-Getting hit-0%

-Absolutely Nothing


-Extras(if Any) -?%

-Unknown(Havn't talked about it Yet)






That is All!

Im User of the Day!

Becoming a Mod?

2009-12-09 17:14:07 by Greg-SKA

I Had A Question, What Does it Take to Be a Mod and How are they Chosen.

If you are A Great Flash Artist(FP,Awards,etc.) Do You Become a Flash Mod in Fourm and Banner

Same with Audio. How does it Work. Also Does Tom Have to Know You In order for you To be One? Cause If So, There goes My Chances!


Also My Game With PunchJ Is Coming Along Good.

RIP Wacom... Pen (o.O)

2009-12-02 17:58:40 by Greg-SKA

Yes RIP to my Wacom Pen, It Broke Yesterday so now i got to get a New One When I get the Chance to Order it.

Damnit!! Enough is Enough!

Take Toss the Turtle of the Front PAGE!!

Everyday i look on the Front page, and all i see is Toss the Turtle. There are WAY Better games then it that have never been on the Front page or only were on for like a Day. SO Take it Off!

Come on Somebody Has to Agree With me!

Well my Problem with the DD is fixed a Bit, Now the only thing i cnt do is stuff on my page the Fast way, I have to do it through my Account. But Anyway Yay.

Also Mindchamber, Im Sorry, but i really was hacked, Not like Egoraptor Hacked but Hacked.

Anyway, I made a New Flash and Posted it.

It was a Reject to a WTF Boom Collab.


WTF BOOM Collab Reject



Ok, Listen as Said in my Last Post, Im Hacked by the DD, I know tis becasue instead of Saying Greg-SKA it says Deleted and Its the DD persons Account.

I cant Make fourm Posts, Comments, Responces, Reveiws, Favorites NOTHING!

And to Mindchamber Who i Pm'ed telling him about it, Thinks Im Lieing. Well im not. All I can do is make posts but nt by clicking it n my Page, I have to go to account, Log in, Click make a New post, Log in again, then i can post it. Thats Whats Going on!

So One more Time,What do i do.

Also I cant log out!

Last, In Unrelated News, My WTF Boom Collab Entry cant Go in because of the Bitmap in it made it 31 MB!

THE title says it all but i dont know why me!

I never did anything to them!

I know im hacked because my User Link Says 'Deleted' not Greg-SKA

I Cant even Comment, Reveiw, Make a fourm post, Vote, OR LOG OUT!!

What do i do?