Entry #9

Update on Current Projects

2009-12-30 20:14:10 by Greg-SKA

Just Giving all you guys an update on my upcoming Flash Games.

Quest for Muffins! ?%(good Progress, unknown percent)
--Programmed By: Me
--Art By:
--Music By: iHeartQuistis
A Person has stolen your Muffin! Now Fight Through an Army of Zombie Minions to get it back!

Huntin' Down Sherriff 10%
-- Art and Programmed By: Me
Play as Hank to kill the Sherrif!
Tankmen: Battle arena

-- Art and Programming By: Me
Play as a Tankman in a fighting arena game on ground and in your Tank!

Thats All.

Madness Belongs to Krinkles
Tankmen Belongs to Johnny Utah

Keep an eye out for my friend Silverneo188's


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2010-01-01 22:19:10

go watch fight clubbbbbbbbbbb


2010-03-23 01:32:59

Looking forward to the Tankmen one. I'm surprised that no one has thought of making a game like that sooner...